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     Formerly, this site was centered on the promotion of two books - THE JOURNEY OF RAINSNOW and THE MESSAGE OF RAINSNOW - and geared towards the development of a social movement seeking to fuse the best of our human spiritual traditions with the most promising of our political and cultural visions. The aim was to actively contribute to the betterment of our world by participating in the effort to raise human consciousness at a critical moment in the history of our planet.

     This aim persists, but is taking new directions, and obeying new rhythms.  We will continue to work together in determined and fruitful ways, uniting the roads of spirituality, philosophy, art, transformational culture, and compassionate and realistic politics to forge a more supportive environment for justice, love and life.  We will continue to work together to awaken ourselves and others to the eternal truths which bind all generations, and to the demands of the moment which are ours to face.  We shall seek to unite the profound with the immediate, the mysterious with the clear, the imaginary with the tangible, the utopian with the incorrigible, and the private with the universal, in the name of each one of us and in the name of what we can be together. 

     More about the changes taking place in the ‘Rainsnow Project’ may be found further on on the site.

     In the meantime, the Rainsnow site aims to provide casual cyber-travelers with a wide variety of resources for their own personal evolution and enrichment.

    May this site benefit each and every one of you, in ways you hoped it would, and in ways you never imagined!


    -  J Rainsnow


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