I am planning, and hoping, to publish some new books in the near future.  As soon as they become available, I will provide more information about them here.

    - J Rainsnow


Books Currently Listed In This Section:

1.  Imagination, in the House!

2.  Fortune-Telling:  Fact or Fiction? (I contributed to this one.)

3.  The March of the Eccentrics



1.  Imagination, in the House!



J Rainsnow's latest book!

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    In this book, I have put together some short tales dealing with such New Age issues as:  the clash of the spiritual and scientific worldviews; the inner battle between doubt and belief; the struggle of personal experience to survive cultural expectations and prejudices; and the beautiful bond that children sometimes forge with their favorite fairy tales.  You will meet fathers and sons, mother and their kids, fairies and scientists, psychics and police, and encounter some of the problems and opportunities of reincarnation.  Imagination, in the House! also includes some works of fantasy and science fiction meant to stimulate the imagination, and to transmit important messages for our times (in the manner of HG Wells or Rod Serling).  Warning (or is it an enticement?):  some sensual elements will be encountered here, as well as some "real world" language. 

    Here's the official promo:

A missing cheerio triggers a debate on the nature of the universe. A scientist encounters his childhood playmate, a fairy who he can no longer believe in. A psychic discovers a terrorist plot and gets more than she bargained for. A lost love is reincarnated - or is she? Two lovers ride on a unicorn. A proud alien, the last of his kind, is hunted down on a rugged mining planet. A futuristic social worker falls in love with a girl from the slums. A delegation of earthlings struggles to arrive on time to a wedding in the "city of winged men." A museum holding the greatest treasures of human history is safeguarded by an atomic bomb. A man sacrifices himself for a beautiful woman he met just once. A small child, desperate to believe in fairy tales, decides to put their power to the test. An inner voice calls us back to the greatness we left behind.

In this imaginative, insightful, and heartfelt collection of short stories, J Rainsnow, author of the Rainsnow Books, writes for our minds, our souls, and our hearts, combining the sharp edge of real life with the spirit of fantasy, and the New Age.

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Imagination, in the House!

You can also put in a special order for Imagination, in the House! at many local bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble.

Hope you like it!


2.  Fortune-Telling:  Fact or Fiction?


Edited by Terry OíNeill. December, 2006. No, this book isnít by me, but I did manage to sneak into it! This small volume, put out by Thomson Gale as part of their "Fact or Fiction?" series, contains excerpts from one of my articles, "A Note On Fortune-Telling And The Law", which is available in its entirety on this web site in the section dedicated to the Tarot. The book is divided into two parts (each consisting of various articles), one of which is supportive of fortune-telling (defending its validity and intentions), and one of which is critical (attempting to debunk and incriminate it). The book concludes with an epilogue which is meant to introduce tools for critical thinking, analysis, and evidence-weighing, and to point the reader in the direction of using these tools for the purpose of making up his own mind regarding the legitimacy or illegitimacy of fortune-telling. The book has come out with a modest print run, and is largely aimed at being sold to libraries. It seems that it is probably designed for high school students, possibly for classroom use, as well as for individual enjoyment. Although one might think that a book oriented towards applying "critical thinking skills" to the world of fortune-telling was part of a dominant-paradigm crusade meant to beat back the encroachments of the New Age and to strengthen the power of the skepticism which keeps Spirit subject to the Material in our world, the book seems genuinely concerned not to make up the readerís mind for him. Whereas the claims of fortune-telling may, in many cases, be challenged by the critical thought processes advocated by the book (indeed, can occult mysteries be rendered their due by such processes?), the editors also show how these processes can be used to question criticism of fortune-telling. (For example, some of this criticism has been generated by very flawed debunking efforts, and in cases ridicule has been used to substitute for argumentation.) As I see it, in their "Fact or Fiction?" series, which also includes books on Astrology, Life After Death, UFOs, Faith Healing, and Mysterious Monsters, the Thomson Gale editors have chosen subjects which they feel will interest the young-adult readership in which they seek to inculcate critical thinking skills. They havenít merely set up these exotic subjects as stool pigeons to be knocked off the map of the next generation to save it for Science, but rather hope that these exotic subjects will motivate the young to empower themselves with new techniques for making choices in a world in which what we choose to believe, whether in the realm of spirituality or politics, is becoming ever more capable of saving or destroying us. 


3.  The March of the Eccentrics



This ENORMOUS satire/adventure/sci-fi/philosophy/romance/real-world/alternate reality/post-beatnik/neo-hippie/current-world-battle-cry NOVEL took me years to write, and ingested and re-formed the most precious moments of my existence and my dreams.  It is a snapshot of my soul, or more like one of those old photographs that took fifteen minutes to 'snap', with the poor subject trying to sit still all the while.  But it's finally complete!  It is very different from most of the stuff here, much more 'wild', with gravity and comedy mixed together and wrapped around a tale of personal, national and global redemption.  Remember:  "To throw the ball up high, the arm must go down low."  This book's not for everyone, but for those it is, I believe it will be like a hurricane of fresh air:  why don't you check out its web site, and see if it's for you?  http://www.marchoftheeccentrics.com/  (Purchase options available from the site.)



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