Having trouble?  Overwhelmed by problems?  Are these your times of need?  Don't give up.  Here is a list of numbers and contacts that may be able to help you get through these tough times.

At this time, more than ever, it is important to remember that you are not alone.

[Note:  All telephone numbers provided here, unless otherwise indicated, are toll-free.  You do not need to pay to make these calls. TDD = lines for the hearing-impaired.]

[Note II:  These numbers refer to US hotlines.  (Some international hotlines are provided on the web site of Andrew Vachhs - - click on "resources", then "hotlines", international.  Vachss is a child abuse expert and lawyer, and I am much indebted to his site for many of the numbers which I am providing here. In addition to Vachss, provides a list of hotlines in the UK. also provides some international resources. International users may still, however, need to seek alternative numbers from their own nation's phone directories, or government representatives, as well as from the Internet, in order to find the help they need.  In the meantime, I ask all my friends from abroad who are going through hard times right now:  please seek strength from God, friends, and/or your own inner resources for survival.  Persevere - don't give up - and you will surely find a solution.  Our hearts are with you.)]


NATIONAL SUICIDE HOTLINE  1-888-248-2587  24/7 counseling and resources.

NATIONAL HOPELINE NETWORK  1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) 24/7 help for those considering suicide.

SUICIDAL.COM  this seems to be a conscientious and helpful website working to give hope to those who may be feeling suicidal.  It has national, local, and international resources. 

NATIONAL SELF-INJURY HOTLINE 1-800-DONT-CUT  counseling and help for those who are feeling self-destructive, for those who cut themselves, etc.

NATIONAL RUNAWAY SWITCHBOARD  1-800-621-0394 (TDD:  1-800-621-4000) 24/7 counseling, referrals, support, travel assistance back home if desired.

CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT  1-800-551-1300  a national runaway hotline.

YOUTH CRISIS HOTLINE  1-800-HIT-HOME  counseling for crisis situations, abuse, homelessness, runaways.

GIRLS AND BOYS TOWN NATIONAL HOTLINE  1-800-448-3000 (TDD:  1-800-448-1833)  24/7 counseling and referrals for crisis, any problem, youth-oriented.  Though the Girls and Boys Town organization was originally founded by a Catholic priest, Father Flanagan (under the motto "He ain't heavy, he's my brother"), it is non-sectarian, and dedicated to all who are in need.

COVENANT HOUSE NINE-LINE  1-800-999-9999  24/7 counseling for youth in trouble - homeless, abused, runaway, thinking of suicide, or other problems.  Covenant House is a Christian organization which operates community centers/refuges, provides referrals and resources for youth in distress, support for pregnant girls and teenage mothers, etc.

TEEN LINE CONFIDENTIAL  (724)-728-6878  this is NOT a toll-free site.  It is also not a national line.  This is a number in western Pennsylvania.  It is set up to help teens who are experiencing any one (or more) of a variety of problems, including  depression, peer pressure, loneliness, violence, cults, drugs, feeling out of place, etc.  (web site is

THE HELPLINE  1-888-4-OPTIONS (1-888-467-8466)  counseling for pregnant girls who are struggling to find a solution to their problem.  They will help you to explore the options of abortion, adoption, and parenting, providing you with referrals to services and support.  Think things through, you're not all alone.

PROJECT CUDDLE, BABY RESCUE PROGRAM  1-888-628-3353  24/7 crisis line, it helps mothers who are at the end of their rope to find a safe and legal alternative to abandoning their child.  Similar help is offered by AMT CHILDREN OF HOPE FOUNDATION, 1-877-796-4673.

NATIONAL CENTER FOR MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN  1-800-THE-LOST  seek advice on this subject, or report a problem.

CHILD HELP USA HOTLINE  1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)  counseling for both children and adults, and referrals to services for children.  Cases of child abuse may also be reported here.

HELP LINE (another one)  (212)-532-2400  this is NOT a toll-free number, it is a local New York City number.  A telephone counseling service meant to provide emotional support for individuals, of any age, who are having problems coping:  problems with abuse, work, physical illness, relationships, grieving, depression, neighbors, and, most recently, with the 9/11 attacks.  For national resources, see , a network of crisis intervention and telephone hotlines located in 20 US states.  [Go to the web site, click on "contact centers", click on your state (if it's there - otherwise, look for other potential resources here, or elsewhere).]

LIFENET  1-800-LIFE-NET (1-800-543-3638)  this organization is mainly prepared to help individuals living in the New York City area (but - if you are not a New Yorker - they might still be able to help you find resources closer to home, or provide you with other numbers).  Lifenet provides counseling, crisis intervention, and referrals for individuals, and friends of individuals, who are  suffering from anxiety, depression, substance abuse, "senility" or memory loss, or physical and emotional abuse.

NATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION  1-800-969-NMHA (1-800-962-6642)  TTD:  1-800-433-5959.  They provide information on treatment, medications, and consumer rights, in the field of mental health.  They also provide referrals to organizations and programs (not to individual practitioners) in the caller's local area.  They emphasize that they are not a crisis hotline, but a resource to help inform individuals about their condition and treatment options, and to guide them towards appropriate solutions to their problem. 

HEALTHYPLACE.COM  is a web site which offers support and resources on a variety of mental health issues, as well as a list of hotline numbers.

DEPRESSION AFTER DELIVERY  1-800-944-4773 (1-800-944-4PPD)  information and referrals for women suffering from depression during pregnancy, or after pregnancy (postpartum depression/PPD).  Telephone support, support groups, etc.

GRIEF RECOVERY INSTITUTE  1-800-445-4808  assistance for dealing with grief.

THE HOSPICE FOUNDATION  1-800-854-3402 (  Provides information and assistance in locating a hospice.  This is NOT a 24/7 number.  Last reported hours were:  M-F, 9-5 (EST).

RAPE, ABUSE, AND INCEST NATIONAL NETWORK (RAINN)  1-800-656-HOPE  24/7 counseling and support for victims of sexual assault and abuse.  This national line redirects calls to crisis centers in the caller's area.

SEXUAL ASSAULT HOTLINES is a web site which lists local addresses and phone numbers (in the USA) for victims of sexual assault and abuse.

NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR VICTIM ASSISTANCE (NOVA)  1-800-879-6682  crisis counseling and referrals for the victims of crimes, and the families and friends of victims.

NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE  1-800-799-SAFE (1-800-799-7233)   counseling and help for those who have suffered, or are suffering, through domestic abuse and violence.

RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY/DOMESTIC ABUSE HOTLINE  1-800-842-4546 helps to provide free facial reconstructive surgery for both male and female victims of domestic violence.


ELDER ABUSE HOTLINE  1-800-252-8966  counseling and help for senior citizens who are being mistreated or abused.

HUD (US DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT) HOMELESS OUTREACH INFORMATION CENTER  1-800-483-1010  provides referrals for homeless in search of a shelter in their area, and also puts volunteers into contact with local shelters that could use their help.

NATIONAL CENTER FOR HOMELESS EDUCATION (NCHE) HELP LINE  1-800-308-2145  information and referrals to shelters and services, especially oriented towards homeless families, parents, and children.

NEW YORK ASSOCIATION FOR NEW AMERICANS (NYANA)  212-425-2900.  This call is NOT toll-free, it is a local NYC number.  NYANA is a local organization, working on behalf of immigrants in New York City.  It provides assistance with the immigration process (applying for asylum, permanent residency, work authorization, replacement of lost documents, family reunions, etc.), conducts workshops on discrimination and immigrant rights, seeks to help immigrants in their search for employment and housing, in some cases provides some temporary material support, and also assists immigrants in acclimatizing to a new country and culture, and preparing for the challenges and opportunities of their new life.

THE AMERICAN IMMIGRATION LAWYERS' ASSOCIATION  1-800-954-0254  provides referrals to lawyers who specialize in immigration matters.  These lawyers are NOT free.  For other lawyers, look in the Yellow Pages under "Lawyers" or "Immigration." 

LEGAL AID.  While on the subject of lawyers and the law, the most common way of finding a lawyer, for any need, is via recommendation, or the Yellow Pages (under "Lawyers").  Many locations also have a "Legal Aid Society", which is supposed to provide referrals to low-cost or even free lawyers for those of limited economic means.  ("Legal Aid", if it's in your area, would appear in the white pages business section, under "Legal Aid" or "Legal Aid Society.")  Other than that, every individual charged with a crime in the United States is entitled to a lawyer, and if he cannot locate or pay for one on his own, he is entitled to the services of a "Public Defender", provided by the court.  Though not always the best the legal profession has to offer, the "Public Defender" is surely better than no lawyer at all.  No individual, who is charged or suspected of a crime, is compelled to speak to authorities until he is allowed to consult with a lawyer.  -  Know your rights, but please - stay out of trouble!  Use your rights to protect yourself when you are innocent, not to try to get away with a crime which you should never have committed!

NATIONAL AIDS/HIV HOTLINE    ATTENTION:  OUT OF DATE!     1-800-342-AIDS  (1-800-342-2437)  answers questions about HIV/AIDS, and provides referrals for free testing, and for treatment.  ATTENTION:  OUT OF DATE!   NEW INFO:  The AIDS/HIV Hotline, formerly operated by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), has been absorbed by the general CDC Information Hotline, which will continue to answer questions about AIDS/HIV as well as other health-related issues.  The new number is 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).  (1-888-232-6348 for the hearing-impaired.)  E-mail is

GAY MEN'S HEALTH CRISIS  1-800-AIDS-NYC (1-800-243-7692)  TDD: (212)-645-7470.  Local:  212-807-6655.  Note:  (212) area code calls are local NYC calls, and NOT toll-free.  GMHC gives info and support to people with AIDS, or who may have AIDS; you don't have to be gay, or male, to call them.  Due to the sadly high level of experience the gay community has with AIDS, the GMHC is a  knowledgeable and valuable resource on this matter.

GAY AND LESBIAN NATIONAL HOTLINE  1-888-THE-GLNH (1-888-843-4564)  counseling, referrals, and information for gays and lesbians, deals with a wide variety of problems which may affect this community.  This is NOT a 24/7 line, hours were last reported as 4 PM- Midnight (EST), M-F; 12-5 PM (EST), Saturday.

SEXUALLY-TRANSMITTED DISEASES HOTLINE  1-800-227-8922  provides information, advice, referrals.

THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY  1-800-ACS-2345  provides information on support groups, treatment, coping strategies, referrals.  Help to both cancer patients and the families of cancer patients, a great resource.  Also see their web site,

NATIONAL DRUG INFORMATION, TREATMENT AND REFERRAL LINE  1-800-662 HELP (1-800-662-4357)  help for drug problems and addiction.

ADDICTION CARE OPTIONS  1-888-24-DETOX (1-888-243-3869)  provides emotional support, assessment and referral for individuals with a drug or alcohol problem; also deals with cases of acute emotional distress, eating disorders, marriage problems, etc.

ALCOHOL ABUSE AND CRISIS INTERVENTION LINE  1-800-234-0246  help with drinking problems, alcoholism.

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS -  this famous organization which has helped many alcoholics to overcome their addiction to alcohol, asks that individuals consult their local phone book for the chapter nearest them.  (It may be listed, in the business portion of the White Pages, under "Alcoholics Anonymous.")

NATIONAL EATING DISORDERS ASSOCIATION  1-800-931-2237  offers information resources, and referrals for individuals suffering from eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. 


GAMBLING HELPLINE  1-800-437-1611  "if gambling is causing a problem for you or someone you know and care about..."


Please let us know if you have a problem getting in contact with any of these organizations, or if you are dissatisfied with any of them in any way.  Remember:  other resources are likely to be available.

[To find some other resources, look in your local Yellow Pages under "Crisis Intervention" or "Social and Human Services."  Also:  many White Pages contain a section of government listings.  Among these listings, you may encounter some government agencies or organizations which provide useful services.  You may also look up your local Congressperson or Senator under "Congress" or "Congressional Members", and call their office.  Or go to, which will give you contact numbers for your representatives based upon your zip code. Elected representatives commonly maintain a list of organizations capable of helping their constituents in various ways.  Naturally, if you have friends or family members who you can trust, seek their help.  Sometimes, critical support may also be given by the representatives of various religious faiths, including priests, ministers, rabbis, and imams.  For the young, even a teacher or guidance counselor may sometimes be a life-saver.  -  If you can't handle something on your own - if you feel yourself sinking down and going under - don't just let it happen, without reacting.  Do something!  Reach out to someone.  Dare to trust someone.  Your life and your well-being matter.]

Please remember:  NEVER GIVE UP!  There is always an answer, to every problem.  Outside of yourself, or inside yourself.  Give yourself a little more time, and you will surely find it. 


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