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I am J Rainsnow! 

I am in the process of reorganizing aspects of my web site, to make it more compatible with my current aims and sensibilities.  If you have been here before, you will notice the changes. 

As of the spring of 2012, I have self-published three books:

THE JOURNEY OF RAINSNOW is the first.  It is a spiritual autobiography documenting my ‘alternative spiritual’ experiences and personal evolution during the 1990s, hopefully in a way that will benefit others.  It was published in 2002.

THE MESSAGE OF RAINSNOW is the second.  It is an analysis of our civilization and the global challenges facing it in the years ahead.  It is written from a utopian/realist, humanitarian and philosophical perspective. It was published at the same time as THE JOURNEY.

IMAGINATION, IN THE HOUSE! is the third.  It is a collection of short stories, mainly in the genre of fantasy and sci fi. It, too, was published in 2002. (A busy year!)

All three of these books are available from Iuniverse, or alternatively, may be purchased on

I also have one chapter published in FACT OR FICTION? FORTUNE-TELLING, edited by Terry O’Neill (Thomson Gale, 2007).  The chapter centers on fortune-telling, the law and public perception.

After the self-publication of the three books mentioned in 2002, I shifted my focus to posting my material on line (on this web site), in an effort to put it in front of a wider audience.  As many of you know, self-published print-on-demand books are seldom good sellers unless actively pushed by a promotion fiend, which I am not!  I am too busy writing!  Thus, the shift to the web…

Further works are in progress, and if conditions favor it, more output should be expected soon... 

As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions. 

NOTE:   New developments, post-2012, include the launching of a "J Rainsnow" Facebook Page (Nov. 2014), and the publication of a gigantic novel, The March of the Eccentrics, in late 2014.  That novel has its own dedicated site:    At this time, creative energies are being channeled into the promotion of The March of the Eccentrics novel, a related music project, and the development of movie scripts.  All this, it is hoped, will feed back into, and connect with, worthy social-cultural projects aimed at transforming society on a deeper level. 


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