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Hello!  I am ‘J Rainsnow’, the author of the Rainsnow books. 

I gave myself that pen name in the 1990s, for reasons which are explained in my book THE JOURNEY OF RAINSNOW, but which are not necessary to go into here.

I am a human being with an essential core of perceived duty (towards our planet and people), yet in a constant state of flux regarding how to go about it.  Or should I say evolution, in case ‘flux’ seems too unstable?!

I cherish both mysticism and rationality, intellect and imagination, but find that the presence of a beating, caring human heart is the most fundamental attribute of a real person, and that compassion and sincerity are things which transcend the paths by which we get there. 

I hope to be true to my beliefs and worthy of having received the great gift of life.

I spent my childhood as a runaway in the world of the imagination, enveloping myself in fantasies and spinning stories at every turn. I also embarked on a lifelong habit of reading, burying my head in books.  When there was nature around, I went to it.  I surely did not get enough of it.

As a young adult, I studied programs meant to give me a better understanding of the world, so that I could be productively involved in it:  there was Political Science, with work especially focused on the region of Latin America.

Then came my ‘hit the streets’ phase, and I moved into New York City to work as a messenger, hoping to follow in the footsteps of the beatniks as a ‘street-wise creator’ type; I also took up the guitar, because why only be Jack Kerouac when you can also be Bob Dylan?  

I went on, during the next years, to work a variety of jobs, from messenger to warehouse worker to bookstore clerk to New York City public school teacher to food-services something-or-other… writing all the while, and growing.  A very unconventional life for sure.  Out of the mainstream, but not out of the race…

During the 1980s and 90s (actually from the late 70s), I became involved with human rights issues in Latin America.  For a good part of my life I was married to a wonderful Colombian woman who brought me closer to her culture and widened my understanding of the world beyond the US of A (my birthplace).  She is now no longer with us, but will always be remembered with gratitude and love.  A more real and justice-loving person there never was…

The 1990s were a time of great spiritual movement in my life:  a time of great experimentation and soul-searching.  I feel very enriched by the experiences I had back then, via past-life regressions, self-hypnosis, trance work (with mirrors and candles), Tarot reading, dream interpretation and attunement to synchronicities.  These experiences sensitized me to new realms of perception, at the same time that they created predictable rifts in my relations with more conventional stratums of society.

As of 2012, my spiritual worldview remains, though it is not quite the same as it was in 1998 – it is possibly becoming more private as it also develops more steady foundations, which are the result of some serious tests: the kinds of tests which bring down all but the strongest of one’s beliefs and annul all but the most genuine of one's instincts.

I feel that I am now moving more deeply into the realm of culture, seeking to express my views and to impact others via my work with fiction, poetry, and theater. 

I am also hoping to use these endeavors, and the networks which develop from them, as a means of connecting with others who wish to unite their progressive energy to collectively take on the task of improving the world in which we live…

I look forward to being a part of this vital effort… and to meeting you along the way…


J Rainsnow


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