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The Reincarnation FAQ.  This web site, maintained by Richard Holmes, is, just as it says:  an FAQ.  It provides answers to lots of questions on reincarnation, and is filled with intriguing information, and links to other sites and resources, as well.  It is a great starting point for anyone interested in this mysterious and vitally important subject.

The Children's Past Lives Research Center.  This site, maintained by Carol Bowman, author of Children's Past Lives:  How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child, contains a "library" with some interesting articles, and, also, a "Reincarnation Forum", in which participants may exchange information on the subject, and share their own views and experiences.  It is meant to be an informative, supportive and healing site.  Carol Bowman may also be reached by private e-mail regarding any relevant experiences you are having with your own children, for which you might like input or advice.

The International Association For Regression Research And Therapies (IARRT).  This is the official site of the IARRT, formerly known as Prince.  (Just kidding:  as APRT.)  The IARRT is a professional organization which offers conferences and workshops, and provides training to individuals interested in learning the skills needed to become a competent and successful past-life regression therapist.  It also provides listings and referrals for all those who would like to experience past-life regression therapy, but don't know where to find a therapist who actually does this kind of work.  Although the IARRT is a very valuable resource, it does not mean that the therapist(s) they recommend to you will be right for you.  (See my section on past-life regressions on this web site.)  Remember to always be selective in choosing a therapist.

Shirley MacLaine.Com.  Yeah, that's right, Shirley MacLaine, you got a problem with that?!  Much as Shirley has been roasted, and turned into the butt of every anti-New-Age joke under the sun, the fact remains that she is a spiritual, warm-hearted, compassionate, and sincere person, who, among other things, has now taken on a kind of Mama Hen role towards the New Age.  Under the protective wing of her web site, she hopes to encourage the spiritual development and enrichment of fellow New Agers.  The site consists of pay components (chat and radio), and free components, including the Encounter Boards, which are message boards divided into a wide variety of topics, including the "Creativity Corner", "UFOs & Extraterrestrials", "Prophecy & Psychics", "Reincarnation", "Angels And Spirits", "Dreams, Astral & Out-Of-Body", and "Activism."

The Rabbi Gershom Web Site.  This site contains links and resources on Judaism, Hasidism, Jewish beliefs in reincarnation, and Holocaust past lives, among other things.  Rabbi Gershom is the author of Beyond The Ashes:  Cases Of Reincarnation From The Holocaust; From Ashes To Healing:  Mystical Encounters With The Holocaust, Fifteen True Stories; and Jewish Tales Of Reincarnation.  Through his site, application may also be made to one of several on-line forums related to Judaism and/or Holocaust past lives.  Membership must be approved. 

Update:  Rabbi Gershom no longer operates a holocaust reincarnation forum.  [The rest of his web site is alive and well.]  For those interested in participating in a holocaust reincarnation forum, "Unlocking the Door" is recommended.  It operates independently of the Rabbi, but contains many former members of his group.  Membership is, as before, subject to approval of the moderators. 

Bnei Baruch World Center For Kabbalah Studies.  An excellent web site for students and spiritual seekers interested in the Kabbalah (Jewish mystical teachings).  It offers a substantial body of information on line, as well as the opportunity to take courses, buy books, listen to music, and connect with others.  Multidimensional, well-presented, and more than worthwhile.

Brian Weiss.Com. Yes, the most famous of regression therapists/past-life-regression authors has his own web site.  His site is a vehicle for selling his books, and also offers several tapes/CDs designed as aids for facilitating past-life regressions, regressions back within one's  present-life (to childhood), meditation and healing.  Besides this, Dr. Weiss provides a schedule of his upcoming appearances and past-life-regression-therapy training workshops, as well as a limited faq related to his work.  

In Another Life.  This is the web site of Stephen S., filmmaker and researcher, which promotes "In Another Life", his outstanding documentary on reincarnation.  Besides offering videos and DVDs for sale, it provides resources and information about reincarnation, book reviews, and links to relevant sites.

Notable Past LivesNO LONGER AVAILABLE.  A site which focuses on individuals who remember past lives as famous, or notable, people.  The purpose is not to use these past lives as tools of self-promotion, but rather, to provide interesting stories to the public, and examples of how such lives may be discovered and verified.  Most of all, the site aims to encourage those who feel they may have lived such a life to "come out of the closet", and share their experiences in the supportive and safe environment of a private salon.  What a fascinating concept!  What a potential source of enrichment for us all! 

My Pathways. This site features psychic readings by Lilly Calandrello, available by phone, instant messaging, or e-mails. Lilly explains her philosophy and approach as a psychic, and also offers other resources, including links to tarot readers, astrologers, spiritual/New Age web sites, and related books. As she describes ĎMy Pathways? It "strives to be one of the foremost directories of ethical mediums, psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, healers, etc., on the Internet." In her own psychic work, Lilly stresses "honesty, integrity, and compassion." Feedback from clients is provided.

The Ancient One. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  SEE BELOW.  The web site of Michael Teal, aka The Ancient One. Michael is a psychic and metaphysical practitioner specializing in the tarot, palmistry, numerology, spell-casting, and divination. He is motivated to help others with his spiritual talent. The site contains interesting and sometimes moving pieces on his personal experience, insights, and learning; some excellent poetry (he is also a gifted poet); and many good links to other spiritual and cultural sites, which may be of interest to the reader.

Update:  This site is no longer active.  Micheal's new site, which contains samples of his writing, biographical material, and contact information, is:

Astrodienst.  If you are into astrology, this site is for you.  Astrodienst has software and files on hand that enable it to provide you with various forms of detailed astrological charts, and it also provides many different types of horoscope readings, as long as you come prepared with the information required by the computer (birthdates, birth times, and birth locations).  Simply put, it is a magnificent resource for the professional and "lay person" alike. 

CUFOS:  The J. Allen Hynek Center For UFO Studies.  Speaking of stars...  Certainly, the members of CUFOS would not like to find themselves in the Spiritual/New Age section of my Sites list, because they are serious scientific investigators of the UFO phenomenon. My sincere apologies!  Categories sometimes bring about problems like this!  CUFOS provides some resources for those interested in UFOs, and is also a responsible investigative organization to which you can report any UFO sightings of your own, should you ever happen to have one.  (Another organization which takes UFO reports is MUFON - the Mutual UFO Network, "")

The Foundation For Shamanic Studies.  This organization, originally founded by Michael Harner (author of  The Way Of The Shaman), offers some books and resources through its site, but is primarily a point of contact for finding out more about the various workshops, seminars, or training programs that they offer in modern shamanism (yes, they will train you to be a shaman!)

Expressin77 Web Site. NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This is the personal web site of "Carol", a concerned mother and citizen of the planet. It contains inspiring quotations and bits of wisdom, as well as links to organizations involved in defending the environment and promoting the welfare of children worldwide. It is intended to provide encouragement and motivation on the personal level, as well as to act as a doorway through which oneís desires to help others, and the earth we live on, may pass from oneís heart into the realm of positive expression in the world.

Green Wood - The Path:  The Web Site Of Nancy HardingNO LONGER AVAILABLE. Nancy Harding, the author of two historical novels - Wind Child and The Silver Land  -  is also an artist, and deeply spiritual person.  This small web site conveys the feeling of sitting down in a quiet place to meditate, or perhaps taking a peaceful walk in the woods.  It contains photographs of nature, and drawings, interspersed with her reflections and insights.  It also features several full-color abstract paintings inspired by the chakras.  If you are missing any chakras, yes, you can buy a new one here! 

Mita Bhan Holistic Services.  Mita Bhan, a tarot reader, Reiki master, crystal enthusiast, and karmic-researcher, is a New-Delhi-based counselor and healer who is also available for long-distance work via telephone and e-mail. In addition, she travels and offers workshops to interested groups and organizations. Mita Bhan seeks to utilize her intuition, insight, learning and experience to provide helpful information and guidance to individuals in search of answers, while reminding those who she serves that every individual must ultimately bear responsibility for his/her own life decisions.


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UNICEF.  UNICEF, or the United Nations Children's Fund (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund), is one of the best known of international humanitarian organizations.  It contains chapters in many lands, but operates as a part of the UN (not under the direction of any national government).  Its purpose is to improve the situation of children throughout the world, by working to improve health care, education, and nutrition in many lands, and by advocating universal respect for children's rights.  (This means freedom from exploitative forms of child labor, freedom from sexual exploitation, such as forced prostitution, and freedom from forced military recruitment.  UNICEF is also dedicated to promoting the removal of land mines from former war zones, where children remain exposed to danger as they live and play.)

Oxfam International.  Oxfam is a "politically progressive" organization committed to political and economic work to help poor people throughout the world. It is sincere, and propelled by a rather deep vision of global poverty, and its roots, and possible solutions.

Heifer International.  "Why keep sending a poor family containers of milk, when you can give them their own cow?" was the founding philosophy of this organization.  Rising out of Christian concepts of compassion and brotherhood, it now operates in many different parts of the world, in harmony with the culture and religion of the affected area.  Heifer International provides needy families with animals of their own, ranging from cows, sheep, and goats, to water buffalos, llamas, chickens, and honey bees (depending on the region, of course)!   The animals may provide food in the form of milk, cheese, honey, eggs (and sometimes meat); help in the fields (water buffalo); transportation or assistance in transporting goods (water buffalo, llama); and money (from the sale of offspring, or products such as wool, in the case of the llama), which goes to help pay a family's expenses (including health care and education).  The program comes with technical assistance, and is also structured in such a way as to promote development on the neighbor-to-neighbor, and community, level, not only on the individual family level.  On this site (and also by mail), you can get a "Gift Catalogue" which allows you to select the animal(s) you would like to help buy, and give to a poor family in need.  For those who love animals, and for those who like to concretely visualize exactly what it is they are giving when they donate through a charity, this organization can't be beat!

European Network Of Street Children Worldwide.  This advocacy organization seeks to create an alliance of NGOs (non-governmental organizations), governments, and international organizations, to help solve the international problem of street children ("gamines", in Spanish) - the tragic phenomenon of abandoned and homeless children who live in the streets, a phenomenon common to many of the poorer countries of the world.

The SEVA Foundation. SEVA is a small, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health, cultural survival, human rights, and sustainable communities in various parts of the world. It is especially linked to work in India, Nepal, Tibet, Cambodia, Tanzania, Guatemala, Mexico, and Native American communities and tribal nations within the US. Within Native American communities, it is deeply involved in work to combat the scourge of diabetes, while throughout the world, it is known for its groundbreaking work in battling "unnecessary blindness", through appropriate preventive education and health care measures, as well as low-cost/free restorative surgery (for cataracts). When many cases of blindness, worldwide, are easily preventable or curable, why should poverty stand in the way of sight?

Amnesty International.  This is the world-renowned human rights group, which documents human rights violations throughout the globe, and seeks to inform and involve governments and citizens to take action against those violations.  For years, AI has battled against dictatorships, political imprisonment and exile, torture, war crimes and rape, executions, death squads, and other abuses against Humanity.  In the process, it has saved countless lives, and helped to make all of us a little more human.  AI is a great resource for up-to-date information on the human rights situation in many countries.

The American Civil Liberties Union.  The ACLU has become one of the most controversial organizations in America, as repugnant to one sector of American public opinion as the NRA (National Rifle Association) is to another.  In one presidential election, a candidate was even referred to, by his opponent, as a "liberal... card-carrying member of the ACLU", as though that were enough to merit his immediate rejection by all responsible voters.  The ACLU is an advocacy/legal-defense group, which seeks to defend civil liberties and individual rights within the United States.  Although  it has certainly made some questionable moves, at times, there is no doubt that it is also important to have some competent, effective, and concerned organization, outside of the US government, capable of monitoring the status of our constitutionally-guaranteed civil liberties and making sure that they are respected.  This is in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, one of the most highly regarded of our "founding fathers", who told us that "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance."  In this day and age of terrorism, it is more crucial than ever to have an organization capable of making sure that the government's efforts to protect us - which the ACLU supports - never degenerate into a draconian program which is destructive of our own basic rights, as provided by the Constitution.

Greenpeace.  This is the world-famous environmental advocacy group, dedicated to protecting the earth, and the life the earth supports.  Crazy Horse once said:  "One does not sell the earth upon which the people walk."  What about destroy it?  Greenpeace is dedicated, among other things, to combating global warming, the degradation of our oceans, the devastation of our world's forests, and the chemical and nuclear poisoning of our environment.  Sometimes dramatic, and certainly more intensely political than many environmental advocacy groups, Greenpeace is, nonetheless, solid, knowledgeable, and no mere act of ecological theatre.  Over the years, it has undeniably established itself as one of the premier environmental-protection advocacy groups in the world.

Joint United Nations Programme On HIV/AIDS.  This organization, which actually consists of the AIDS programs of several organizations which have joined forces, is dedicated to combating the spread of AIDS across the globe, through education.  It is also dedicated to providing support and services to those already afflicted and affected by AIDS.

The American Cancer Society.  This is the premier American organization dedicated to waging the war against cancer.  Time and time again, it has supported ground-breaking medical research aimed at helping to find cures, and to improve treatment.  It also generates and funds educational programs designed to promote healthier lifestyles, in order to reduce new incidences of cancer, and funds programs to help cancer patients and their families cope with the emotional stress of battling the disease, through counseling, support groups, etc.

The March Of Dimes.  The March of Dimes is a well-known organization dedicated to fighting against birth defects and infant mortality, and the consequences of these tragedies, through education, and other means.

The American Red Cross.  This world-renowned humanitarian organization supports work both at home and abroad.  Within the United States, it supports health education, first-aid training, nursing programs, blood and organ donor drives, disaster relief (floods, hurricanes, tornados, etc.), and other forms of community support.  Whenever there is a major disaster abroad (volcanic eruption, earthquake, flood, hurricane, war, etc.), it is ready to contribute money, supplies, technical assistance, and other assets to attempt to alleviate the suffering.  Usually, to help a foreign country through the Red Cross, Americans send a check to the American Red Cross, earmarked for disaster relief in that particular country.  However, there are also many Red Cross and Red Crescent societies operating throughout the world, just as there is an International Committee of the Red Cross (icrc).

Intentional Communities Web Site.  This is the internet hub of the intentional community movement, both domestic and international.  It is a clearinghouse of information and resources, for anyone interested in learning more about alternative, community-oriented, cooperative lifestyles; for anyone who wants to help build such a community, join such a community, or learn from such a community.  The site also provides links to the web sites of many intentional communities. 

The Experiment In International Living.  This is a program geared towards American teenagers who want to learn more about other cultures by means of travel, education, and homestays in foreign lands.  (The homestay is time spent living in the home of a foreign host family in the country one has chosen to get to know.)  The program actually offers various options, and alternatives.  In this day and age, it is more important than ever that people learn to cross the barriers of culture which separate them, and there is no better way of developing this ability than to experience other cultures firsthand, and to meet the people of other lands, for yourself.  The biggest drawback of the program is the expense.  It does not seem to be cheap. But for those who are able to afford it, and who might otherwise spend their money or their time another way, it seems to be definitely worth investigating.  (For those who are interested but cannot afford it, all I can say is that I dream of a day when life and experience will not be so limited by economic resources, as they are now.  And yet, in countries such as the USA, and especially in cities such as New York, there still remain abundant opportunities to develop useful knowledge and appreciation of other cultures through the magnificent resource of our immigrants.)

Seeds Of Peace.  This is also a youth-oriented organization, geared towards high-school students.  Its basic goal is to bring together youths from different "sides" of regions in conflict, and to work on developing friendships and conflict-resolution skills that may one day help to bring peace to their war-torn areas, through the understanding and connections that they are able to form.  In this way, Israelis and Arabs from various countries may be brought together, Turkish and Greek Cypriots, members of different Balkan groups, and Indians and Pakistanis.  Their first encounters, in the Seeds of Peace camp in Maine, are reinforced by subsequent reunions, visits, and communications channels, which include special chat rooms on the Internet.  American students are also accepted in the Seeds of Peace sessions, as facilitators, and hosts.  The program is selective, and for Americans, a tuition fee is applicable.  Again, it is not cheap.  (For those unable to attend, remember:  there are many ways to work for peace in the world.  Seeking to treat everyone fairly, and to develop knowledge about other lands, cultures, and perspectives, are things which all of us can do, and they need not cost a cent.)  Seeds of Peace, which does require funding beyond the tuition fees charged to American participants, however, requests donations to help support its programs.

Expressin77 Web Site. NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This site, which fits properly under both the "spiritual" and "activist" categories, is the personal web site of "Carol", a concerned mother and citizen of the planet. It contains inspiring quotations and bits of wisdom, as well as links to organizations involved in defending the environment and promoting the welfare of children worldwide. It is intended to provide encouragement and motivation on the personal level, as well as to act as a doorway through which oneís desires to help others, and the earth we live on, may pass from oneís heart into the realm of positive expression in the world.


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Art Wings:  The web site of Katalina Gutierrez, a talented artist on many levels, whose interests include painting, photography, portrait art, illustrations and graphic design, video and artistic collaboration with performances.  Available for projects of various kinds: contact information provided.

Green Wood - The Path:  The Web Site Of Nancy HardingNO LONGER AVAILABLE. Looks familiar?  This web site straddles the boundaries of the spiritual and the cultural.  Nancy Harding - the author of two historical novels, The Silver Land and Wind Child - has built a small web site containing photographs and drawings of nature, reflections and meditations in writing, and full-color, abstract paintings inspired by the chakras.  Prints are available.   

Stephan Karl Waller.  The personal web site of Stephan Karl Waller, composer and author.  It contains a bio, a web log, a resume of his musical studies, and a catalogue of his musical compositions.  As you spend time with this site, you'll feel the unmistakable presence of a human being.

DEBORAH Dague-BARR: Deborah is a talented artist and art teacher who writes: "To bestow beauty with social relevance has been my challenge." One of her main artistic impulses is to create art which elicits compassion for the "child within us", and, by extension, for children everywhere, whose fragile condition in todayís world beckons us to heal and transform the earth. Deborahís home page contains links to a colorful portfolio of paintings (oil on wood); a list of her upcoming and current exhibits; a history of her major projects and international exhibitions (including work in Russia, Kenya, Colombia, and California); an article published in Fine Arts Magazine ("The Power of Art in Society"); a resume; and an e-mail address, for those who wish to contact her. Her vision combines the social and the aesthetic, and is well worth exploring.

Poets And Writers.Com.  This web site provides various forms of support, and exposure opportunities, for poets and writers, and also provides channels of communication and exchange between writers.  It is worth checking out. This site enables visual artists to post a portfolio of their work on the net for free, or for a small fee (depending on the level of membership desired). The site may be used as a platform from which artists can sell their paintings and photographs; it can also provide links to the artistís personal web site (if desired), as well as host the artistís professional biography. This information is accurate as of December 2005, and hopefully will remain so, although major changes have been noted in some parallel sites formerly devoted to the work of writers. (The economic stability of such sites is always a matter of concern.) If you are an artist, why not check it out?

Visual Realisation Art. A site featuring artistic impressions of esoteric states and insights. The art, which could be considered "abstract", is better understood as moments of deep personal discovery and spiritual connection expressed in a language of color and subtle form. For some, the language may be difficult, at first, to comprehend; but little by little, meaning begins to emerge, revealing glimpses of the mysteries and powers we live amidst. Views of several prints are available for perusal, and purchase is also possible.  The site of Bianca Bellissima, a talented London-based artist with a wide range of creative interests.  Her work includes paintings (oil-on-canvas & water color), portraits, sketches and illustrations.  She is available for commissioned pieces and projects.  Samples are posted on the site.  Contact information provided.

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Any Day In History.  This is an interesting site which contains a list, for every day of the year, of events which happened on that same day, in years gone by.  It lists birthdays, death dates, and historical events of varying degrees of significance.  For the merely curious, or for the mystical or history-conscious, in search of a deeper connection with a particular day, it is a welcome resource. NOTE:  This site now acts as a source of links to other sites fulfilling the purpose it once did.  

The Psychosophy Web Site.  This philosophical site is the product of a thinker from the mountains of Europe, who has chosen the medium of aphorisms to project some of his views and questions on life, knowledge, existence and the universe. The succession of short, often riddle-like statements which make up this site demonstrate strong intellectual roots, and are meant to challenge, enlighten, or baffle the reader, perhaps in the manner of Heraclitus. Each reader will have to make his own decision as to whether the aphorisms are meaningful or simply elusive. Donít come here unless you feel like giving your brains a real workout, and be prepared to leave saying either, "Wow, thatís really deep!" or "What is this guy talking about?" Warning: in my opinion, as of February 2003, the Guest Book has been overrun with some distasteful material originating from visitors to the site, but I suppose this is the price of "freedom of expression"?

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