Welcome to "Weapons of Depth"! This cyber-column will carry articles about spirituality, and the New Age, observations on life, personal reflections, philosophical speculations, small bits and pieces of history, book reviews, whatever comes into my head to write. Occasionally, it will carry articles by "guest writers." Naturally, the purpose of this column, which should be regularly updated with new pieces - (once a week?, once every two weeks?, we’ll see) - is to provide you, the reader, with a steady stream of engaging, stimulating, and thought-provoking articles, which will enrich your life, and help you, either directly or indirectly, on your own path, towards your own dreams and goals.

(NOTE: Articles designated with a "GA" after the title are "Guest Articles", written by invited guests. All other articles are written by me - J Rainsnow. Naturally, the views expressed in Guest Articles are those of the author, and do not necessarily coincide with mine.)


Weapons of Depth Contents


History: The Original Weapon of Depth

Thoughts on Japanese Literature

Fate, Fear, and the Lady Death

The Children’s Crusade:  A Lesson on Faith and Realism

Misuses of Reincarnation

The Voice of Armero: A Volcano’s Message to the World

Cooperation: What Fairy Tales and Legends Have to Say

The Roman New Age: Ours Isn’t the First

Aggression, War, and Human Nature, Part I (Go to Rainsnow Project/Rainsnow Thought)

Aggression, War, and Human Nature, Part II (Go To RS Project/RS Thought) 

A Spiritual Look at 9/11, Part I 

A Spiritual Look at 9/11, Part II 

Growing Older 

Aesop's Fables:  Stories As A Path To Wisdom   

Fear And Illusion  

The Strength That Comes From Being Who You Are   

Manipulation 101  

The Relativity Of Advice 

That's Using Your Brains!  (Problem-Solving In Fairy Tales, Myth, And History) 

Face To Face With Poverty:  "A Stranger's Eyes" (GA:  By Manpreet Mudhar)

Insights From Daily Life  

Native American Lessons In Generosity 

An Ancient Tale Of Civil Liberties

Democracy As A Measure Of Justice:  Shortcomings; And Walt Whitman, Carried Away  

Thoughts On Work And Freedom  (Go To RS Project/RS Thought) 

"Everything Happens For A Reason" 

Loss, Grief, And The Buddha:  A Story 

Thoughts On Illness, Healing, And The Mind

Selections From The Golden Sayings Of Epictetus (Epictetus, translated by Hastings Crossley, with an introduction by JRS) 

When The Magic Leads Nowhere 

Doomed To Die At Nineteen; Giant Chopsticks; The Snake And The Stick:  Three Stories Worth Knowing 

Entertainment, Politics, And The Soul:  Lessons Of The Roman Games (Part One) 

Entertainment, Politics, And The Soul:  Lessons Of The Roman Games (Part Two)

A Biography Of Colombia Embattled, Part I  

A Biography Of Colombia Embattled, Part II 

A Biography Of Colombia Embattled, Part III 

A Biography Of Colombia Embattled, Part IV

Colombia Updates; Colombia Article Corrections And Commentary 

Don't Waste Your Life

The UFO Page 

The Wonderful World Of Cryptozoology

New Age Irritants 

Laughter Therapy 

Metaphysics To Live By:  A System For Preserving Belief In A Time Of Doubt  

The God Blog

Life After Deconstruction:  The Fate of Charles George Gordon, A Victorian Hero, In Our Times 

A Tale Of Art And Devotion  (GA:  Unknown)

Who Are The Fairies?

Synchronicity:  A Path To Belief

Crop Circles:  A Basic Introduction To A Great Mystery


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