MUFON.  The Mutual UFO Network.  It defines its mission as the "scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity", and is dedicated to the collection of data worldwide, the promotion of serious research, and the education of the public on matters concerning UFOs.  Information is available on this site, as well as resources for reporting UFO sightings, and opportunities to become involved.  http://www.mufon.com

CUFOS. The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies.  An international association of scientists, academicians, investigators, and volunteers dedicated to the examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon.  Originally founded by J Allen Hynek, an astronomer who temporarily worked as a consultant for Project Bluebook before breaking free to form his own research organization, the center maintains archives and files of information, publishes a magazine, and continues to collect data and to field investigators in the wake of alleged UFO sightings and encounters.  http://www.cufos.org

Intruders Foundation.  An organization which has grown around the phenomenon of "alien abduction."  Founded by author-investigator Budd Hopkins, the foundation emphasizes research on the phenomenon and education of the public; it has also constructed, and seeks to maintain, a mutual support environment for individuals who believe they have been abducted, and who are in need of  sympathy, understanding, and validation of their experiences.  http://www.intrudersfoundation.org

John Mack Institute.  An organization named after the late John Mack, who was tragically struck down by a car while crossing a London street in 2004.  Mack, a renowned Harvard psychiatrist who became deeply involved in the study of "alien abductions", provided a new level of credibility and expertise to the field while he was alive.  He eventually formed PEER (the Project for Extraordinary Experience Research), which used the abduction phenomenon as a catalyst for philosophical, cultural, and psychological meditations regarding the repercussions of extraordinary phenomena on society; the power of skepticism and the intellectual status quo; and the dynamics of paradigm-expansion and changes of consciousness, all with the probable objective of seeking to plot a map, through our present epoch of resistance, to new levels of awareness and open-mindedness.  PEER is now defunct, but the "PEER community" which grew around the project, still exists; much of its knowledge base is still intact, and many of its members continue to pursue their work.  JEMI (the John E Mack Institute) provides a point for connecting to the remnants and legacy of PEER (see "Initiatives"/"educational.")  JEMI, itself, is dedicated to conducting research on the "frontiers of human experience", and abetting the process of the transformation of individual consciousness. http://www.johnmackinstitute.org

Crop Circle Information.  This site, maintained by renowned crop-circle researcher Colin Andrews, provides information and resources regarding the crop circle phenomenon.  http://www.cropcircleinfo.com

UFO Magazine.  This is the site of the world-famous magazine specializing in UFOs.  http://www.ufomag.com  


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