Someone You Can Help 


Many people who choose to end their lives do so because they freeze themselves and their imagination in their moment of despair. If they have no friend now, they see no friend forever. If they matter to no one now, they think that they will never matter. If life is bleak today, they paint the universe, and all eternity, with that bleakness. But it does not need to be so. For time and life is like a river that flows. It does not freeze, but moves us into new places, giving us new chances. We must believe in time, and trust in time, and let Destiny have an opportunity to do its work, to move us to the place and moment, beyond this dark day, when life will become meaningful.

And I want to tell you now, my friend, that you are not alone. That somewhere in the world, right now, there is a person who would be so happy to meet you and to know you, a person who is longing for what you are longing for, a person alone and covered with sorrow, tonight, who needs a friend. Or perhaps a person who is happy, now, but whose happiness will soon fall away; a person who, sometime down the road, will feel deep pain and the overwhelming need to find somebody who will be able to understand. And maybe it is at that very moment that your path - if you survive tonight - will cross that wounded personís path.

My friend, your pain is deep. But the fact that you are capable of being hurt this badly is proof of your sensitivity; and it is that sensitivity which could make you be a wonderful friend, the kind of friend who could help to give meaning and hope to another person in his or her time of need. And I can tell you, no matter how unwanted, outcast, burnt out, lost, useless you may feel, now, there is another soul, out there, that is like your own, that resonates with yours, that fits together with yours, that is from the same "soul country" as yours, and speaks the same "soul language" as yours. Donít let that soul down, my friend. When it arrives, weighed down with sorrow, on the lonely patch of road that Destiny has appointed for your meeting, for your mutual discovery and rebirth, be there! Do not strand that soul that needs you, do not leave it alone on the dark road where it was meant to find YOU. Do not give up on yourself, tonight, for if you do, you will be stealing hope from someone else, taking away something beautiful from that person, which the Universe put in you, to give to them.

Believe me, my friend. Whether your dream is broken, or you are in a wheelchair; whether you think you are ugly, or a fool, or a fake, with nothing to back up the show you are putting on, or a nerd, or an exile, or an "old maid"; whether you are being crushed by a burden, drowned in loneliness, burned by lies and rumors, haunted by mistakes you have made; whatever is your affliction, whatever is your grief, you are not the only one to travel on this road of pain. And tonight, somewhere, there is someone living and breathing, who could understand you; someone who has been down that same road, or another road close enough to it, to know where you are coming from; someone enough in need of forgiveness, to be able to forgive; someone hoping, waiting, and praying to meet someone just like you.

My friend, believe in this, trust in this, how could it not be so in this wide, wide world? Give Destiny a chance to help you meet this person. And if you wish, give Destiny a hand. If you have closed your heart, and surrounded yourself with thorns, let your heart open up just enough to be able to connect, when the time comes, so that the pain others have put in you, and the defenses it has caused to grow around you, do not keep out, or drive away, the right heart when it finally comes. And when you find the strength, go out and look. Be in places where friendship can be found. Endure the cold and cruel ones like a migrating bird, that keeps on flying towards its home, not demoralized as it passes over the places where it does not belong, because it knows it is on its way to the place where it does belong.

Have faith, my friend, and keep the light of your life lit. Someone out there needs you, and is waiting for you; and as you can rekindle life in them, so they will help to rekindle it in you.



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