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This section will be used to keep you informed of all the latest developments in the Rainsnow Project. Check back frequently!


At the moment, the Rainsnow Project is attempting to attract, identify, and contact individuals who are interested in pursuing its vision further. The process is both passive (waiting to hear from people) and active (reaching out to people). The Projectís current priority is the formation of a viable nucleus of individuals prepared to grow from sharing their experiences and perspectives, who will then advance the projectís work by means of organizing, directing, and participating in a series of coordinated activities aimed at deepening the groupís understanding of the issues it faces, and expanding its presence and impact on society. This is a stage which is likely to last for some time, before other, more visible "signs of life" are able to be manifested to the public. It is also, perhaps, the most important stage of all in the Projectís development, just as it is the one which offers the most opportunity to those individuals, serious enough and prepared enough, to utilize it.

Until otherwise stated, it may be assumed that this is the current stage of development, & aim, of the Project.

(It hardly needs to be restated that your input and participation is very much desired. Most crucial, now, is the presence of sincere individuals concerned with issues of social justice, ecological integrity, technological sustainability, and peace & human freedom, who are willing and able to exchange ideas, and to assume responsibility for helping to plan and direct activities designed to enhance the goals of the Project. Also extremely important, in the coming months, is the development of a wider base of contacts and potential members, willing and able to contribute to the growth of the project in some way.)


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