Of course, poetry, lyrics and short fiction are not the only kinds of art that exist!  Due to considerations of space, however, they are likely to be the main artistic forms featured on this site!  -  The wonderful world of the visual arts, which includes brilliant mediums for expression such as painting and sketching, and photography, is likely to be only slightly represented here, if at all, due to the relative size of graphic files, which this site is not prepared to support.  (And, of course, the same may be said for novels!)

However, in rare cases, exceptions may be made.  So keep an eye out here for "other" forms of art, "just in case" we decide to take a chance  on them!

(In most cases, our support of visual artists will be by means of contact information, referrals, and links, directing you to their own sites, or in other ways allowing you to get in touch.  See "Artists:  Sites, Links, and Contact Information" in the Creative Safehouse table of contents.)



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